Corpus Christi Parish

Electronic Giving through GiveCentral

Your steadfast support of our parish allows us to sustain the life-giving works carried out each day by our dedicated personnel, devoted clergy, and faithful lay leaders.

Online giving is a simple tool that provides our parishioners the opportunity to support the parish in a way that is convenient and secure. Payments can be made using a bank account or credit card, scheduled in advance to occur on a recurring basis, or as individual one-time gifts. With your first donation you will be provided with a confidential username and password, allowing you to edit your donation schedule at any time through.

How will this benefit me and my parish?

  • Online giving allows you to budget your time and money through scheduled and recurring payments.
  • You will no longer need to worry about carrying bulky checkbooks or envelopes to church.
  • It will help our parish minimize weekly fluctuations in offertory.
  • It will allow us to thoughtfully plan our parish budget and help sustain the efforts of our thriving ministries, plan parish-sponsored activities, and strengthen current and future evangelization efforts.
  • It will assist our parish by reducing operating expenses.

This convenient form will help you set up Sunday, Easter and Christmas giving quickly. We encourage you to add second collection gifts as well - a link will be provided in after your GiveCentral profile has been created.

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