Available Religous Education Resources: 

  • Catholic Prayers -- this book has basic catholic prayers,  including How to Pray the Rosary, Prayer before Stations of the Cross, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Order of the Mass.  It also includes a list of prayer and catholic teachings for each grade/age.  This book is availabe in English, Spanish and Braile. ($2.00 per book, Braile, $10.00}

  • Attendance Register -- this basic attendance roster can be used to keep attendance for each class. {$0.50 per form}

  • Student Permanent Records -- this single page sheet makes recordingkeeping a breeze; space for name, family informaiton and sacraments received. {$0.25 per form}



Thank you for your order for Diocesan Prayer Books and other religious education resources.   Please allow 3-5 days for processing and 7-10 days mailing time.  {Orders received on Thursday or Friday will be processed on Monday}

Should you have any questions, please contact Tressi Breecher at 512-949-2464. 


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