McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation

Donations of $500 or more to the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation (MPSF) are eligible for Virginia tax credits through the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits program.  Prior to making a donation, individuals and businesses must request preauthorization from the Virginia Department of Education.  If you need a preauthorization request form, please email or call (804) 622-5150.

Please note:  To receive tax credits, the donation must be made from the account of the individual or business whose social security number or business ID number has been preauthorized.  After making your donation, please email your signed Preauthorization Approval Letter to

Scholarships - I have Preauthorization

Please remember:  Preauthorizations expire 180 days after the date issued.

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Payment Information

If you have any questions regarding your gift please contact Jennifer Burkhead at or call at 804-622-5150.