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Over half of the faculty at Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts holds a Master's degree and has also worked at the school for 5+ years. We are abundantly blessed to attract and retain high-quality talent like this, especially when so many schools are experiencing teacher shortages and public schools can offer higher pay.

For context, first year teachers at Chicago Public Schools make $61,990 and can earn up to $89,859 after working 10 years with a Master's Degree. First year teachers within the Archdiocese of Chicago initially earn $35,019 and make $42,600 after 10 years (over half of what they could make at CPS).

At Alphonsus, the average teacher salary is $40,000 before additional stipends. We are proud to offer more than the Archdiocesan pay scale but are conscious it is less than commensurate with the efforts of our committed staff.

Our staff is clearly not here for the pay. They report the top reason they stay at Alphonsus year after year is because of our incredible community: the love shown from the students and parents.

However during this season of thanksgiving, we ask you to consider supporting our Faculty Fund to reaffirm your commitment to the AACA community and its faculty. There is no one more deserving of support, especially at this time of year!

Thank you for your kindness today and always.



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