Make All Kinds of Gifts

Make donations with your credit or debit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) or electronic checking account (ACH). You can even save your different payment methods and use them each for different repeating donations.

Customize Your Giving

You can make a one time gift to your choosen cause, or set up an automatically repeating donation. You are able to go back and change your giving pattern at any time.

Keep Track of Your Donations

In the interest of complete transparency, you can log in any time and see a complete report on your giving history. GiveCentral will also send you an email confirmation every time you make a donation or payment.

Know You're Secure

GiveCentral employs Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) encryption to protect your payment information. Your full credit card number will not be visible to any party once you have entered it into the site. Through this and other measures GiveCentral maintains PCI compliance, the industry standard for security in online payments.

Give Central is a giving option that has been well recieved by our school families.  It is user friendly, with easy to follow prompts for creating a giving profile. --Karen Z., Chicago Heights

Do you still have questions? We have answers!

Why should I use GiveCentral?

GiveCentral is a way for donors to give easily to non-profit organizations. If your chosen charity or cause is listed on our website, it means that they have signed up to use GiveCentral to receive your donations. GiveCentral is not only convenient for you, it is the lowest cost way for a non-profit organization to collect credit card, debit card and electronic checking payments online.

What does it mean to register?

By registering with GiveCentral, you are creating an online profile that you can use to make more donations in the future. It takes only a few seconds longer than making a guest payment, and it means that your credit card or electronic checking account information will be securely saved so you can access it later.

Will all the charities on GiveCentral be given my information?

GiveCentral does not share any of your information with anyone besides the individual location you have chosen to donate to. That location is given access to your contact information so that they can acknowledge your generosity and keep you apprised of how your donation is being put to use. They are not authorized to share that information with other parties.

How do I know that you're a trusted site? What is your security?

GiveCentral uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard in online payments. SSL ensures that your credit card or checking account number is stored securely with First American Bank. Once your payment method is saved online, only GiveCentral and your chosen organization can see the last four digits of these numbers.

What if I want to use different cards for different donations?

Once you have created a profile with GiveCentral, you are able to add additional payment methods. You can give to several different events, and each with a different credit card, debit card or electronic checking account.

What if I want to change my donations?

You can log in to your GiveCentral profile and change your donations at any time. To see your ongoing donations, see the "My Events" area above your profile information. You can add, edit, or delete any "Events" on this screen.

Why are there so many Catholic charities listed?

Initially, GiveCentral was created for private use among Catholic organizations. As its popularity spread, other organizations expressed a desire to be able to use it for all their charitable giving. Today we aim to give all nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations a way to increase their donations through online giving, and to do so at a low cost.

I don't see my favorite charity listed.

Non-profits must sign up with GiveCentral to receive donations through the site. If you know of an organization that is not yet taking advantage of GiveCentral, click here to tell us.

Who should I contact if I have questions or comments about GiveCentral?

In most situations, it is best to contact the organization that you are supporting. It will be most familiar with how it uses GiveCentral. In addition, it has the ability to make changes to your account, answer your questions and implement suggested improvements to its online giving presence.

Give Central is a great tool that makes life's easy to learn; it's very user friendly and the technical support is FANTASTIC. --Nancy B., Buffalo Grove