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We are very grateful to all who support our mission by making St. Barbara School a charitable priority in their life.  Your generosity in the form of an Annual Appeal gift remains a vote of confidence in our efforts to provide the very best in Catholic Education for the children of St. Barbara School.

Our vision is that St. Barbara will achieve long-term growth and sustainability, reaffirming its investment in facilities, faculty and, most importantly, students.  By receiving financial support from all who share St. Barbara School’s passion for forming the character of our students, God’s greater community will be served.

St. Barbara Elementary School is a Catholic elementary school of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The school includes grades preschool (3 year old) through eighth grade. The school is recognized by the State of Illinois Board of Education.  

St. Barbara School has a strong academic program.  Students in all grades are challenged to be the best students they can be.  Mathematics is the strength of the school curriculum but students do well in all academic areas.  The writing process is taught beginning in kindergarten and students are proficient in writing at all grade levels.  Early literacy is introduced in preschool and continues throughout the curriculum.  Our junior high students are introduced to the classical works of such authors as Poe and Shakespeare.  Students have performed above the national average on the Terra Nova standardized tests that have taken place each March.  In addition to a strong academic curriculum, our students participate in Physical Education, Music, Spanish and Fine Arts.

St. Barbara School
Nicole Nolazco, Principal
2867 S. Throop St.
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (312) 326-6243