St Lambert Parish

St Lambert Calendar Raffle 2017

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Multiple chances, daily raffle, fix our parking lot!!

A total of $25,700 will be given away as prices throughtout the year 2017. To raise up funds for the Repair of St. Lambert Church Parking Lot

1st Regular Drawing starts December 26, 2016 for the 1st week of January (1-7, 2017). Drawing of the Winning numbers will be on Sundays and will be published weekly in our Parish bulletin. Checks are mailed directly to winners. Cost - $25 per calendar raffle booklet


  • 312 - $50 Monday through Saturday (Jan 2 – Dec 30, 2017)

  • 40 - $100 Weekly Sunday (Other than the 1st Sunday of the Month)

  • 12 - $500 Every 1st Sunday of the Month

  • The best deal: Even if you win, you're still in! When your number is drawn as a winner, they'll put it back to be included for the next drawing of winners.


  • 8148 N Karlov