The Church of Holy Apostles

Emmaus Retreat: March 3-5, 2017

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Women, is it time to take a break from the rush and busy-ness that wears you down and steals your peace? Set aside March 3-5, 2017 this winter for the Women’s Emmaus Retreat. It will change your life! Details will be available in the coming weeks but save these dates now.
The Emmaus Retreat begins Friday,March 3 at 6 PM and concludes with 5 PM Mass at The Church of Holy Apostles on Sunday, March 5. The retreat is held at Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford, IL. The cost for the weekend is $130 for a double room, $175 for a single room, which includes lodging, meals and more!. Please don’t let cost keep you from attending; there are scholarships available.