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on Feb 14, 2018
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Dear Family & Friends,

Believe it or not, I am running the Chicago Marathon again! This time I am running for a charity, the Mission of our Lady of the Angels. After all my struggles last year, I had decided not to run another marathon unless it was for a charity. I then discovered that the charity where Mark and I had volunteered, had spots in the Chicago Marathon. I guess I am running! So, this summer I will be training again. In addition to training in the heat and rain, I will also be spending my time asking and pleading my family, friends and acquaintances for donations!!! Some might think I'm crazy and I might agree, if I didnt believe that supporting the Mission Of Our Lady Of the Angels and assisting the sisters in their effort is worth the sacrifice. 

The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels is located in West Humboldt Park area of Chicago. The Mission serves 700+ families with food and other basic material needs, assists at-risk kids in after-school programs, serves bi-weekly community meals and, most importantly, brings the hope of Christ to a neighborhood plagued by gangs, violence, and poverty.

Mark and I try to volunteer at the mission once a month during their first Saturday events. On these Saturdays, we arrive early, sort through the many bags and boxes of donated goods. We help arrange the items for the families in the neighborhood to browse through and pick up what they need. Used coats, gloves, hats, towels, sheets, and clothing, all considered discards by some fill the needs of others.  

The money raised by all the runners will be used to renovate the Mission's School building to be their new outreach center. Here is how the money will be used to renovate building:

(1st floor) "Ground level" storage for donations, new + expanded space for the food pantry, new dining room, new kitchen 

(2nd floor) Meeting space for neighborhood groups (AA, pregnancy groups etc.), meeting space for retreat/ volunteer groups

(3rd floor) New 69 bedroom retreat center/ volunteer housing! The sisters now live in the convent building so they need a new location to house volunteers and guests.

Phase 1 of the project is estimated to be about $500,000. This will include:
-new boiler/ heat system
-plumbing overhaul
-new roof
Every dollar helps the mission move closer to completing essential parts of the job. Please consider donating today! 

Also, the 2018 Chicago Marathon will be Sr. Stephanie's first official attempt at the 2020 Olympic Trials Qualifier. 

God Bless & thanks for your support in this effort,

Elizabeth Young 






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