Totus Tuus is a fun and energetic Catholic youth program taught by seminarians and college students throughout the Diocese of Joliet. From catechetical teaching sessions, Sacraments, and Mass to songs, games and skits - your child is sure to have fun while learning more about their Faith!

Totus Tuus seeks to inspire in young people a true longing for holiness, a deep desire for daily conversion, and an openness to their vocation by constantly challenging them to give themselves entirely to Christ through Mary and by continually strengthening their prayer lives in imitation of Her.


Totus Tuus, a Latin phrase meaning “totally yours,” was the motto of St. John Paul II. Taken from St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary, it signifies our desire to give ourselves entirely to Jesus Christ through the hands of our Blessed Mother Mary. It also expresses our effort to give all that we have to every young person we encounter.


The Diocese of Joliet has executed the Totus Tuus Program each summer since 2009, recruiting parishes throughout the diocese to host. You may register your children at any or multiple parishes if you like, according to the location and date that work best for your family. After registering with the diocese, the parish you choose will get notification and that coordinator will then be able to connect with you to inform you of the details that may be unique to that parish’s program. Your child is encouraged to evangelize by inviting a buddy to attend! Let’s grow the Kingdom of God together!


Theme: The Apostle’s Creed
Rosary: Luminous Mysteries


GR. 1-6: Lunch, Snack, Water Bottle,
Jump Rope, Ball, etc for Recess
GR. 7-12: Snack, Water Bottle



11:30am (Time May Vary by Parish)


To Be Determined by Parish

Faith Formation Registration

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  • Terms & Conditions
  • Parents/guardians of participants in Saint Margaret Faith Formation program are advised that photographs or digital recordings of students may be used in publications, websites or other materials produced from time to time by the Saint Margaret Parish. (Participants will not be identified, however, without specific written consent). Parents/guardians who do not wish their child(ren) to be photographed or digitally recorded should so notify the parish office. Please note that the we have no control over the use of photographs or digital recording taken by media that may be covering the event in which your child(ren) participate(s).

    St. Margaret Parish and the Archdiocese of Baltimore affirm our collective commitment to providing religious education, including Vacation Bible School, with the safety and wellbeing of all children as our primary focus.

    Although proof of immunization is not required to participate in a religious education program, you should take notice that if your child is not immunized, he/she is considered at risk for the disease or diseases against which vaccination offers protection. Vaccine preventable diseases still exist, and especially can spread quickly in child group settings, such as a religious education program. If an outbreak of the disease against which a child has not been fully vaccinated occurs during a religious education program, the child’s risk of contracting the disease increases significantly.

    Participation in religious education, including Vacation Bible School, at the Parish is completely voluntary. By enrolling a child who has not been vaccinated in religious education at the Parish, parents and guardians recognize, appreciate, and assume the risks associated with lack of immunization. This voluntary enrollment similarly means that parents and guardians understand and agree that St. Margaret Parish and the Archdiocese of Baltimore are not responsible or liable for any disease contracted by a child who is not immunized while participating in an educational program at the Parish.