Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

When the Lord calls a young man to the priesthood, the Lord calls all of us to participate in that young man’s preparation for ordination. Without our prayers and generous support, that young man will not be able to realize the vocation the Lord has called him to.

Our diocese is blessed to have more than 40 seminarians and the average cost for their education is $36,000 a year. So you can see we need your help to be able to prepare our seminarians for the priesthood. Every dollar is important. Every gift is an expression of faith.

If you are able to give an online donation to help with this year’s seminarian expenses, I can promise the money will be spent carefully and prudently. I thank you for considering a gift today and ask that you continue to pray for vocations and especially for our seminarians.

Sincerely in Christ,

Msgr. Scott Friend, V.G.
Diocese of Little Rock
Director of Vocations

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