Ways To Give

We, the Catholic faithful of Fairfield County, stand together with Christ at this transformational moment in our history, when we are called upon to invest in the true treasure of the Church — the people who form the Body of Christ — in order to lead them, young and old, rich and poor, forward in faith to ensure a strong, vibrant Church for our children and their children.

As Christ stood with His Apostles in the upper room so, too, we stand with Him on the threshold of a Catholic renewal. We will rebuild a Church that inspires young people, cares for the elderly, feeds the hungry and defends the dispossessed; a Church that follows the mandate to serve and satisfies the longing for spiritual growth; a Church that welcomes fellow Catholics home to loving and vibrant parish communities and accompanies God’s people through life, just as He did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Building on the Diocesan Synod’s call for renewal, we seek to strengthen the pillars of our Church for future generations through our parishes, charity, education and pastoral needs. We will invest in resources that benefit God’s people, with whom we move forward — evangelizing, engaging youth, encouraging social justice initiatives and making our parishes more welcoming, with the goal of encountering Christ in each of our communities.