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Looking to improve your next annual appeal or capital campaign?

Then look no further than GiveCentral! We offer innovative expertise, user-friendly tools and tech-forward fundraising solutions for capital campaigns and annual appeals both big and small.

A Modernized Approach

A Modernized Approach

GiveCentral modernizes the way a nonprofit runs a campaign. We take your current process and work within it by updating and enhancing your workflow and making it more efficient along the way.

GiveCentral works with you to streamline and digitize your giving options, making it easier for your donors to give, and simpler for your staff to administrate.

We find back-end efficiencies and decrease (or eliminate!) manual work for your staff. Our approach is led by a knowledgeable and hands-on team.

GiveCentral provides a customized strategic plan to ensure success and minimize your administrative tasks, so you have more time to focus on your donors and your mission!

How Can GiveCentral Help You?

We help you eliminate time-consuming work.

Eliminate time-consuming work
  • We help you eliminate manual work updating your databases.
  • We help make your records more accurate and up-to-date.
  • Our goal is to free up staff time spent on data entry, so your staff can focus on your mission and your community.
  • Features allow for gifts across multiple campaigns and initiatives to all be tracked within one system.
Eliminate time-consuming work
Forward-thinking technology.

We offer forward-thinking technology.

Forward-thinking technology.
  • Donors have the ability to update their records or make a donation without logging in, simply with one-click!
  • We offer quick and regular system updates to accommodate client needs.
  • Our system is unique in that it allows for advanced flexibility across pledges and gifts.

We share our knowledge and expertise.

We share our knowledge and expertise.
  • We pride ourselves on our advanced fundraising knowledge and consultative services.
  • Our team has years of experience across large and small capital campaigns and appeals.
  • We are knowledgeable about data flow best practices.
  • Our skilled and friendly customer service department is available to help clients and donors.
We share our knowledge and expertise.

Features & Benefits

Digital Pledging

Digital Pledging

Instead of spending money printing direct mail pieces, we help you solicit donations online. Donors can use single sign-on and make donations directly within an email (no need to log in to initiate a pledge), making it even easier to make a gift.

Email campaign optimization

Email campaign optimization

Our team can help analyze your current email campaigns to donors and help you improve. We help you target current and lapsed donors in a strategic and efficient way, improving your open rates and increasing your donations!

Comprehensive data and reporting

Comprehensive data and reporting

We offer advanced analytics, featuring a variety of customizable, real-time reports, as well as data mining capabilities, to identify additional funding opportunities. GiveCentral allows for system compatibility with your database and accounting software for complete data integration.

Communications and marketing

Communications and Marketing

GiveCentral helps you customize and personalize all your donor-facing messaging and communications. We help you set up automatic donor gift confirmation, personalized receipts, and customized thank-you messages. All messaging incorporates your campaign and organization branding, images, and logos.

Help fulfilling pledges

Help fulfilling Pledges

GiveCentral’s goal is to digitize your processes and help encourage your donors to fulfill their pledges. We help you message your donors who may have missed a gift and offer them a link to pay online. Donors have the option to pay off their current pledges or set up installments.



Donations via text can be a supplement to more traditional ways of giving and a great way to kick off an annual appeal. Text-to-Engage is basically an advanced Text-to-give tool, a great feature for nonprofits looking to achieve more from your traditional text-to-give fundraising. We help you update information on existing donors and retain current donors, while you fundraise for your cause. Text-to-Engage can also help organizations engage donors who may not have yet given to your cause.

Why choose us:

GiveCentral gives you more pledging and donation flexibility than any other product on the market.
Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Do your donors want to use different payment methods, like check, ACH, remote deposit, or credit and debit cards? GiveCentral accepts it all!
  • Do you have a current database tool that you use for your records? GiveCentral integrates with your current database (Raiser's Edge, Portfolio, etc.) with ease.
  • Do your donors want to give different amounts, pause a pledge, or customize their giving? Other companies limit when and how you pay, but GiveCentral allows your donors the flexibility to give however they prefer. We focus on donor-directed payments and flexible scheduling based on donor needs. Donors can even split payments between multiple charities!
  • Do you struggle with incomplete pledges? GiveCentral offers you payment management strategies to reduce unpaid cash/check pledges and convert more donors to online giving for future campaigns.
  • Do you lose donors due to credit card failures and declines? GiveCentral features include a card auto-updater, so you don’t lose donations due to expiring credit cards. We also offer smart links within emails so donors can update their payment methods directly from their emails.
  • Do you worry about your organization and donor security? GiveCentral is PCI compliant and ensures all security safeguards and protocol measures.

Most importantly, our team at GiveCentral truly understands your appeal process and we want to make it as efficient and successful as possible. We pride ourselves on having experience and a deep understanding of appeals and capital campaigns and the challenges involved.




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