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GiveCentral is an easy way to raise more funds online. It’s easy to get started, create an event for your cause and communicate with your donors to join in.

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• Auctions • Galas • Sporting Events and Tournaments • Holiday Fundraising • and some other ideas to help you cut through the clutter during the festive season.

Celebrating the Spirit of Holiday Giving with #GivingTuesday

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Encouraging Year-round Giving

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Fuel growth. Increase donor participation with survey research and analytics by GiveCentral.

Individual Giving on the Rise

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Storytelling and Transparency Increase Giving

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We understand that fundraising can seem intimidating. Yet most of you will be surprised at the speed at which donations accumulate once you really put yourself there. The key to success? Start now, if you have not done it yet!

Social Media Content Strategy for Nonprofits

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Perks of Peer-to-peer Fundraising

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New Ways to Raise Funds

Success stories, local campaigns, fundraising ideas and more from our blog.

Create Great Fundraising Videos

There are a lot of ways to make good things happen. Storytelling is one of them. Learn how you can create videos that engage new donors.

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GiveCentral provides you with the best in class fundraising website, mobile app and donation tracker tool that seamlessly integrates your donor and campaign details across all platforms real time!

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