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Amazingly Fun & Easy Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Ready to reach your fundraising goals and raise more awareness for the cause? Browse through our list of unique and easy fundraising ideas to get started on your next event. There are plenty of ideas that both individuals or organizations can use to gain quick support.

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Ingredients for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

GiveCentral is a great way to raise more funds online. It’s easy to get started, create an event for your cause and communicate with your donors to join in.

Create Great Fundraising Videos

There’s a lot that goes into any fundraising campaign; we know that managing a fundraising event can be stressful. But don’t worry, you don’t have to bear the administrative load alone! GiveCentral makes managing your event effortlessly easy.

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The A to Z of fundraising ideas

Make your next nonprofit event the best yet using this A-Z guide of easy fundraising ideas.


Easy fundraising ideas & resources for nonprofits during Covid-19

To say that nonprofit fundraising during Covid-19 is challenging would be an understatement. Asking for gifts when the economic situation world over is unpredictable is certainly not easy. But nonprofits have to keep soliciting gifts. Their survival depends on it. So what should they do?

Resources for nonprofits during Covid-19

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