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Process Donations In-Person and On-the-Go

GiveCentral Go allows you to receive donations in-person at your events, with little or no setup and no additional costs.

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What is GiveCentral Go?

With the use of a small mobile swiper tool that attaches to any mobile device, you can create an in-person donation terminal for all your fundraising events. With the help of GiveCentral, your donors can also pre-authorize their cards to make giving even quicker and easier when they attend your fundraising events.

What Sets GiveCentral Go Apart?

Hands-On Customer Assistance

We pride ourselves on our friendly and expert customer service. Our team is always here to help you.

Event Planning Support

GiveCentral Go is an ideal tool to use during your events. It makes accepting payments quick, easy, and functional.

In-Person Training

Our team offers friendly, in-person training on how to use the GiveCentral Go app and mobile card reader more efficiently.

Features & Benefits

Mobile Card Reader

GiveCentral provides you with a portable swiping device that easily attaches to your phone or other mobile device. Once set up, you have created your donation terminal!

Planning Ahead

Donors can pay for tickets to your specific event either ahead of time or in person.

Capture Information

New donor information is immediately stored in your GiveCentral database, making it easier to thank your donors for their contributions after your event and grow your community.

GiveCentral Go Mobile Card Reader

An Easy Way to Accept Payments on the Go

How does GiveCentral Go help you? Take a look at how GiveCentral's mobile card readers and app can make accepting donations and payments quick and seamless.

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