Crowd Funding

When nonprofits need funds fast

Quick and easy way to raise more funds with viral campaigns. Start fundraising in minutes with our fundraising platform.

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Use GiveCentral’s crowdfunding tool when you need to quickly raise funds for a specific event, goal, or crisis. This tool lets you customize and publish your own unique crowdfunding pages with set goals and timelines, and easily integrate it with your social media accounts – at a third of the cost of other leading crowdfunding tools.

Start a fundaraise
1. Start a Fundraiser
Start a fundaraise
2. Promote Your Campaign
Start a fundaraise
3. Raise Maximum Funds

Benefits-Fundraising just got a whole lot easier!

Build your campaign easily

Once you are on the platform, share your details and your fundraising page would be ready. Set your goal and then just spread the word about your campaign to your potential supporters through the social media.

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