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The quick way to raise funds with a viral campaign and a variety of donors. Start fundraising in minutes with our customizable crowdfunding platform.

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What is GiveCentral Crowdfunding?

GiveCentral Crowdfunding works in conjunction with our GiveCentral online giving platform -- all at a fraction of the cost of other crowdfunding tools. Use GC Crowdfunding when you need to quickly raise funds for a specific event, goal, or mission. We customize and publish your own unique fundraising page, which allows you to set goals and timelines specific to your needs. GiveCentral Crowdfunding is easy to integrate with your social media accounts so you can reach more donors for your campaign.

What Sets GiveCentral Crowdfunding Apart?

Lightning Fast Implementation

We can get your crowdfunding page live within a day; no waiting or delays to get your campaign going.

Customized Support

Our team works closely with you to make sure your campaign and page reflects your needs and mission.

Low Cost

At just a fraction of the cost of other crowdfunding tools, we make it easy and affordable for our clients.

Crowdfunding Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Crowdfunding Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


We help you create a personalized crowdfunding page with your branding and your photos, so your donors know that their money is going directly to your nonprofit and your community.

Connect to Your Social Media

GiveCentral Crowdfunding easily integrates with your social media platforms so you can get the word out to your community and beyond.

Easy Setup

We can set up your unique crowdfunding page in a day, so you can start getting your funds as soon as you need them. We made our tool simple and intuitive, so you can get started quickly and easily.

Building Your Campaign Easily

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to grow your donor base and make your fundraising efforts successful. Here is how GiveCentral helps you plan and implement your unique crowdfunding campaign.

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