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Lead your nonprofit remotely with online giving and increase funds independent of weekly attendance. GiveCentral packs all giving tools in one easy-to-use and secure platform for your and your donors.

A right combination of charity and technology, online giving opens up doors to new possibilities

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One Platform, Multiple Benefits

  • Captures Busy Donors

    The ways in which nonprofits solicit donations matters. Traditional methods of giving require efforts to be made at the donor’s end. The donations are made in cash, check, in-kind. Often, this requires the presence of donors at your organization or your representative visiting them to solicit donations. Donors, specifically, those busy and occupied will find it harder to support your cause due to the given constraints. The need is to switch to a quick and easy donating option - online giving. With this donors don’t need to write a check, put anything on paper or struggle with traditional methods of donating. Online giving makes it simple and speedy at the donor’s end, which helps capture busy and impulsive donors who get moved by your fundraising campaign floating around online platforms.

  • Easy to Show Gratitude

    Nonprofits must ensure donors feel appreciated, after all, they are the ones who keep nonprofits afloat. Nonprofits and charities that have not adopted online giving techniques, still majorly rely on human efforts to thank a donor. Outdated methods such as manually sending text messages, emails and calls are complicated and tedious. Oftentimes these methods prove to be inefficient as you may miss out on donors. Online fundraising methods perfectly integrate the entire fundraising cycle which makes sending thank-you and appreciation messages in an automated fashion. Online fundraising allows nonprofits to redirect donors to a donation thank-you page, to send an automated thank you message/email the minute a donor donates online.

  • Better Data Management and Reporting

    When it comes to data management and reporting, no method can do better than online giving. It comes with tools and techniques that lie at the core of most data collection, reporting, and analysis. Capture information of donors, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, grantees and more in a fairly automated fashion. Online fundraising opens doors to integrate your fundraising methods with sophisticated software such as donor management software. It uses online platforms to extract data and provide meaningful insights. Online fundraising is a sure shot solution to collect and process volumes of data that otherwise will take huge amounts of man-hours leading to overworked administration staff in the organization. When donations are made online, invoices and tax receipts can be sent automatically to your donor. Online giving allows donors to log and enter donor information that gets automatically captured into donor management software. Your administration will no longer have to do it manually.

  • Enhance Donor Relationship

    To add value to your organization, it is necessary for attracting new supporters, and managing and retaining the existing ones. Offline fundraising techniques seldom fail to keep track of donors and communicate with them on a day-to-day basis. Online giving automates core tasks to convert prospective donors and retain the existing ones. It helps nonprofits streamline their processes by offering a holistic and reliable approach to enhance donor stewardship. Once a donor has made a gift to your organization, online giving tools initiates the best course of action for relation-building. This allows nonprofits to relieve the burden of unnecessary paperwork and focus on tasks that cannot be automated.

  • Recurring Donations Made Easier

    Allow donors to give regularly at different time intervals, thus bringing your online fundraising to the next level. Collecting recurring donations has been simplified through online giving platforms. With a few clicks, nonprofits can automate recurring giving frequency and set recurring giving methods. Nonprofits can adjust the flow of the recurring plan to be anywhere from weekly to annual, catering to your donor’s needs. Online platforms help take nonprofits administrative load off as specialized online software such as donor management software allows donors to manage their recurring donations themselves.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Offline giving methods make fundraising unnecessarily long and difficult. It tremendously diminishes the nonprofit’s opportunity to reach a wider audience. As to get connected with donors beyond your reach, nonprofits require to switch to an online giving approach. It might be difficult to point out what part of the modern world must be untouched by the digital medium. Digital platforms have made people interact more online than in the real world. It has drastically increased selling and purchasing power, simply because of convenience and ease. Online giving empowers nonprofits and charities to reach donors around the world. With online fundraising solutions, nonprofits can expand their sphere of influence.

Accelerate Fundraising Journey With Online Giving

Online giving is remodeling the ways of giving, donor data collection, and donor engagement. Given the growth in the number of nonprofit organizations, data volume, and complexity, the need for an advanced fundraising technique over the traditional methods is steadily expanding. Nonprofits and churches are increasingly turning to online giving. Leverage the benefits of online fundraising that has the capability of reaching more than half the population in the world. GiveCentral offers easy and effective online giving solutions to help nonprofits and churches be agile and smart.

Grow Confidently With GiveCentral Online Giving

Take advantage of GiveCentral online giving tools and tap into vast store of tools and techniques that have the capability to transform your fundraising journey.

Custom Giving Pages

GiveCentral’s online giving tools allow nonprofits to build custom giving pages. Create giving pages that are responsive to all screen sizes, with customized color, logo, fonts and many more that resonate with your nonprofit’s website style.

Seamless Integration

Our online giving tools are built to complement your existing apps and donor management software. GiveCentral provides nonprofits with a powerful donor payment platform along with managing data from existing software such as Salesforce- world's leading customer management software.

Smart and Agile Tools

GiveCentral online giving platform is an underlying system that provides nonprofits with valuable tools such as recurring donations, custom email communications, express communications to increase the efficiency of your fundraising efforts.

GiveCentral Online Giving

Raising funds through digital means has never been easier. A centralized online giving platform, GiveCentral ensures nonprofits create, implement and manage online fundraising efficiently.

GiveCentral Community

A platform designed to collect, manage and analyze donor information along with funds and communications all in one single, intuitive platform.

GiveCentral Go

Another feature offered by GiveCentral that falls under the umbrella of online giving, GiveCentral Go allows nonprofits to raise donations at events using a small bluethooth mobile swiper tool.

GiveCentral Connect

Empower donors to donate, access, update and manage their information at their fingertips. With the app, donors can connect with you from their mobile device.

GiveCentral Texting

Instantly allows donors to input their information into your database and to text donate their gifts with Text-to-connect and Text-to-give respectively.

The Ultimate Online Giving Checklist

Want to launch an online giving campaign? Now is the time to make it a reality. Certainly, the internet is flooded with information and chances are you may miss out on some important ones. This online giving checklist will enable you to set up a successful online giving campaign. Take a print, start from the basics and check off as you proceed.

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