Crowdfunding For Your Classroom

Connect with a community of donors eager to fund your classroom initiatives.

Access The Funds To Improve Your Children's Future

The Connected Classroom Initiative allows schools to take advantage of a crowdfunding tool, while also helping schools create a roadmap for a targeted, measurable, fundraising campaign for technology in the classroom.

The result? Connected classrooms, empowered teachers, engaged students, and a transformed school.

Over the past decade, technology has revolutionized how students learn. Across the country, classrooms are becoming more interconnected and technology has become essential to a quality education.

We understand that not all schools have the same resources for technology purchasing. Buying laptops and routers can be costly. That is why we created the Connected Classroom Initiative, developed specifically for nonprofit educational organizations.

Our goal is to help schools leverage the power of their community to raise funds needed for technology products and services.

To prepare children for the future, schools must integrate technology into their present.

How do we do this?



When you join our initiative, you won’t simply be given a fundraising platform and told to figure it out yourself. We work closely with schools to raise funds quickly and easily with the use of a crowdfunding platform and a guided fundraising campaign. Our GiveCentral team will help you set up an account and take you through the process of implementation.

Easy To Manage

Crowdfunding is a smart choice for schools, as it allows for donations from a large and diverse number of people, as opposed to relying on one lump sum from a major donor or investor. We work with you to create a customized fundraising page and personalized email campaigns that to send to your parents, supporters, and others.


Processing fees are much lower than similar crowdfunding tools and setup can be done in a day so schools can start receiving funds immediately. We’ll help you identify your most pressing technology needs and establish a workable, fundraising timeline and a strategy. We are with you during the entire fundraising effort to help troubleshoot problems and ensure success.

How do you get started?

Just fill out a short form below and we'll contact you with more information about getting a customized landing page and account set up.

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