See what makes us different

GiveCentral is the tool nonprofit organizations need to raise more money fast. It is a web-based donation tool that consolidates all collection, fundraising and communication activities in one place. GiveCentral provides access for administrators and donors anytime, anywhere.

It is easy to use and saves time on accounting and data management. GiveCentral is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and has the lowest processing fees available in the marketplace.


The GiveCentral Go mobile app and card reader make it easy for you to collect donations on smartphones and tablets. Your donors can make contributions from mobile devices instantly from wherever they are.

GiveCentral lets you accept electronic donations of all kinds any time of day, any day of the week, any time of year.

Get the flexibility you need


GiveCentral helps you raise funds quickly and spend less time doing it. You can easily set up giving categories online. You can accept donations at fundraising events on smartphones and tablets. GiveCentral is ideal for a wide range of fundraising activities.

  • Church collections
  • Capital campaigns
  • Annual funds
  • Scholarship funds
  • Events and fees
  • Auxiliary group activities
  • Planned giving
  • Estate gifts
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Alumni giving
  • Merchandise sales

Manage information better than ever


GiveCentral has a donor management system with features that other systems can't match. It is sophisticated yet easy to use. You can store donor information and sort it any way you need it.

Easy setup

It is easy to set up fundraising activities for pledge and ticket events.

Real-time analytics

You have access to real-time data for the most up-to-date information.

Comprehensive reports

Reports can be generated that provide financial, event and donor summaries.

Advanced communication

You can manage all aspects of donor communication by creating, sending and tracking email messages.

Relationship tracking

You can track donor families, record relationships between family members and group individuals as households.

Connect to your community


It pays to consistently communicate with donors. Giving increases dramatically when organizations send regular messages to donors. Acknowledging donor gifts makes people more likely to give again. GiveCentral makes it quick and easy to reach out to donors with its advanced communication tools.

Data integration

GiveCentral integrates financial and communication information in one convenient web-based system.

Personalized communication

You can customize email messages with logos and photos.

List management

You can manage and filter lists so emails are distributed to exactly the people you choose.

Custom links

You can create customized links for your website, email messages and social media that ask people to "Donate Now" with buttons that we provide.

Gain peace of mind


GiveCentral provides the highest level of security available so donor information is never compromised. We have protections in place to ensure that credit card and bank account numbers remain confidential.

Donor confidentiality

GiveCentral does not share personal information with anyone except the individual organization to which the donor has chosen to give.

Server protection

Our server is backed up in various geographic regions to protect against catastrophic emergencies and to prevent service interruptions.

Credit card security

Personal payment information is maintained in strict accordance with Payment Card Information (PCI) Compliance, the industry standard for online payment security. Credit card and bank account information is transmitted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Security audits

SecurityMetrics is an independent third party that conducts website certification vulnerability scans on the GiveCentral website on a quarterly basis to ensure it meets PCI DSS requirements. We also perform our own internal audit at least once per month for added security.

Maximize your donor generosity


Technology has changed the way organizations engage donors. Best practices promote giving by reaching people in new and exciting ways. Fundraising can be improved even more when online giving is paired with regular communication.

Communicate consistently

With your donors to increase fundraising and always thank them for their gifts.

Make it easy

For people to give by providing an online donation tool that is convenient and easy to use.

Get online

To request contributions by placing "Donate Now" buttons on your website, in emails and on social media.

Be transparent and share information

With your donors so they understand how their contributions are being used and why they are important.

Reach out and create a following

By communicating with the contacts you already have including members of key groups and be present on social media so people can find you.