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What is GC SmartQR?

Unlike any other QR Code, our SmartQR has technology that allows you to connect to your community by taking it a step further. Once scanned, the code directs each person to their personalized page. With a few clicks, each person can interact by leaving a message, sending a prayer request, or completing a gift easily and quickly. The inconvenience of filling out contact and banking information is solved because SmartQR does it for you. Those over the age of 60 are the fastest adopters of SmartQR! This tool is embraced because of its ease of use.

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Interact the Smart way!

Plan, strategize, and set goals by creating your online content, preferences, and communications. You can connect with donors who would like to contribute. You can even send them to your most recent newsletter. Your community will be able to interact and respond to your message, leaving them feeling welcomed and engaged.

Our Smart QR shows results

SmartQR can improve direct mail outcomes by 100-400% or more! With great direct mail results, you will not only receive more donations, but you can also engage and build better relationships. A personalized thank you message to donors after a gift is made can show how their generosity supports your organization. Showing your appreciation often leads to more support.

You can also test with us. Testing is a critical piece of your personalization strategy. We will take a portion or all of your list and then apply our algorithm. We will have your files ready for you to send to your printer in no time. You can use your list, bank, and processes without disrupting your daily operations.

How to get started?

Both new and existing clients can quickly take advantage of this wonderful tool. For existing clients, we can help you send out a customized mailing tomorrow. For new clients, whether it is 10 contacts or 10 million contacts, we can help you finalize your customized communication in less than 10 days. Contact us to get started.

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Case Study

GiveCentral transforms your direct mail communications with SmartQR!

The Archdiocese of LA placed our SmartQR codes throughout their direct mail campaign materials and postcards. While using a generic QR code helped them to raise small amounts in past appeal campaigns, our SmartQR took their appeal to another level! 48% of pledges and one-time gifts were made through our SmartQR.

GiveCentral supplied the Archdiocese of LA with the Smart QR codes which they gave their existing printer to add to their mail-printed pieces. Once received, each donor scanned the SmartQR codes and was directed to their personalized giving page.The inconvenience created by filling out contact and banking information every time was removed. With a few clicks,each donor transaction was easily and quickly completed.

With SmartQR you will see results faster and reach your goal sooner.

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What is GC SmartText?

85% of U.S. adults own a smartphone as of 2023. SmartText allows you to have a direct line to your donors through their devices by connecting with simple keywords. Our texting platform design supercharges your fundraising campaigns by engaging, activating, and cultivating your supporters.


of smartphone users use text on a regular basis, but only 14% of organizations text with consumers. There’s a huge opportunity waiting to be explored to reach your audience in a space that isn’t already crowded.


of smartphone users in the United States use mobile payments.


of Americans over the age of 50 communicate through text messaging and those between 35 and 52 years send the most texts per day.


of Millennials and Gen Z prefer texting over calls. Texting is a common ground for all.

Why is the product different?

SmartText inspires actions from all generations with our clear communication and user-friendly design. No additional app is needed to download. Unlike others that believe the key to success is by using another app. Apps create barriers that take several minutes and clicks to donate, not-to-mention remembering logins and passwords. This is technology you push on them. You can connect with donors within 5 seconds or less. SmartText is the most efficient product for donors.

SmartText inspires action!

By meeting donors on their cell phones, you enhance the giving process through a simple text. Within seconds your mission and messages are in front of your donor. Growing your donor data can grow relationships and allow new members to learn more about your organization.

Get started!

We will get you connected to begin exceeding your donation goals! Contact us to get started.

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What is GC SmartGive?

SmartGive is a single-click automated payment link our team can help you embed into your appeal emails so donors can click and commit, allowing you to meet and exceed your goal! SmartGive technology is not available anywhere else. The closest you can come to SmartGive is by setting up a mail merge that will take hours or even days to complete. With SmartGive, we’ve done all this for you, taking you minutes to set up and only seconds for donations to occur.

How does it help you?

SmartGive emails can be used to ask donors to take action on a previous or current gift. The requirement is that the donor profile is active and that they have a payment method on record.

Our SmartGive technology dramatically increases donations by eliminating the need for donors to enter their personal information. SmartGive tokens securely store payment preferences so it’s one click for donors.

SmartGive makes it possible for you to engage and re-engage. SmartGive will automatically exclude donors as appropriate based on their giving schedules, as well as allow you to individually exclude donors, or upload an exclusion list if there are a large number of donors you do not wish to ask.

Why is the product different?

SmartGive is tailored for the convenience of your donors. Each GiveCentral donor has a universal donor ID that remains the same for any gift. This helps your organization keep track of donors and their giving behaviors, while also recognizing the donor and having their information securely prepopulated. We know if they leave the giving site, they are less likely to come back and donate. This saves the donors’ time and makes it easy to give. They are more likely to complete their gift.

Get started today!

Getting started for existing locations can happen in moments. We already have pre-built templates that you can use today. Contact us to get started.

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What is GC SmartConnect?

Bridge the gap between you and your community with SmartConnect. Make it possible for your donors and community to engage and ask questions in seconds. This product makes it possible for your community to engage with questions.

How does it help you?

Building a relationship is of great importance and SmartConnect is a tool that focuses on relationship building. You will make it easy to connect and each out to those in college and ask to see how they are and make a connection. Check on those who are elderly and who may have a prayer request or special intention. Congratulate those on special life events and happenings.

Cultivate donor relationships and before you make an ask for a donation meet the donor where they are and allow SmartConnect to assist with the conversation. Build life-long relationships and show you care!

Connect today!

We will have you connecting with your donors on a higher level in no time at all! Contact us to get started.

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What is GC SmartReports?

With our SmartReports you can customize all your reporting needs and have them scheduled to be sent to you daily, weekly, and monthly.


SmartReports include Dynamic Custom Page Report, Text to Engage Report, Transaction Report, Transaction Report By Mid, Deposit Total Report & Deposit Total Report By Mid and many more.

What SmartReports can do for you?

Creating reports can be daunting especially when you need to pull reports in several different ways for different team members or departments. With SmartReports you can customize reports based on your needs. Any reports you need can have the columns you want. You set up and choose the columns you would like in your reports the first time and schedule it to be sent to you whenever you like. You will not need to call us for any reporting needs because you have full customization of how you would like your reports.


Why is our product different?

SmartReports allows you to customize, save and schedule your reports without any worry. It also offers unlimited reporting options and your reports are immediately available or you can have them scheduled to send to you in the timeframes that you want. For example, you can omit or add details like first/last name or parish ID and so on while requesting the reports. You also have the option to choose the activity you wish to receive the reports. Your time and effort are valuable so our automation works for you. This also saves you from all the frustration of report-making!

How to get started?

Sign up with GiveCentral and let your customized reports speak for your organization in any meeting, presentation, or communication. Contact us on our homepage to get started.

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What is GC SmartConvert?

You can now move more donors from one giving platform to another, quickly and easily. SmartConvert moves people from one platform to another. We can work with your entire database beyond the e-givers. We can help convert your current database easily and quickly whether your donors are e-givers or not. You can also easily convert cash and check givers to e-givers.


What SmartConvert can do for you

Converting your donors and their details from one giving platform to another can often be a daunting task. Complications can arise, and staff members could spend endless hours pulling data and ensuring everything is correct. With SmartConvert we can bring your donors onto our platform within weeks. We will save you the time and frustration of converting by moving over your donors, updating all information, and bringing your file up-to-date. With SmartConvert, cash and check givers can be converted in just seconds.


Why is our product different?

SmartConvert will save time and effort by converting your donors over to our platform. With our smart technology, we will be able to complete your file within a few weeks and have your organization ready to begin working on your communications, projects, appeals, and campaigns. Once the process is complete, your donors will have the convenience of not having to fill out their details for every gift. No more requests to refill registration forms with the same information that was requested last week or last month.

How to get started?

Simply get in touch with our team to get started! Contact us to get started.

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What is GC SmartDashboard?

Our SmartDashboard allows you to control and monitor all activities from a single, customizable dashboard that displays real-time information. At the heart of this tool is the concept of fostering a lasting relationship with your giving community.

How does it help you?

Analyze, benchmark, and evaluate as you monitor the performances of your actions all from one place. You can identify trends and patterns, and find improvement opportunities for all that your organization executes. It helps you manage your relationship with your community for better engagement and giving through excellent communication.


Why is our product different?

Take charge of your connectivity with our interactive, and user-friendly Smart Dashboard. Our crowdfunding, Sunday offertory and relationship building services, among others, will also help you widen the reach of your organization. You’ll be able to create better strategies, send out customized/ ready to use communication and improve decision-making with up-to-date progress evaluation.

Get started today!

We are ready to get your dashboard up and running so you can watch your campaigns at work. Contact us to get started!

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What is GC Knowledge Center?

Imagine a mini Wikipedia with all the fundraising resources you need. That is what GC’s Knowledge Center is - at the swipe of your mouse you can have access to answers you have questions on and resources at hand to make your campaign a success.The engagement that the tool offers is a bonus, it is all about growing the connection between people before raising funds.

How does it help you?

GC’s Knowledge Center is a fundraising guide for all of your campaigns. Search for ideas or what you would like to learn and the center offers best practices and video tutorials! The center gives you all the information you need in a very short period of time. With our engagement tools, you can interact with your audience and as a result, create a stronger giving community.

Why is our product different?

Knowledge center helps your organization achieve goals but at the same time, offers tools to help build engagement, relationship and of course, giving. It is also a compact guide that answers all your questions related to fundraising campaigns of all kinds. This learning center offers all the information on GiveCentral’s features and functionalities.

How to get started?

Once you’ve signed up with GiveCentral, this tool is always there for you to access and gain knowledge!

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What is GC SmartSupport?

This multifunctional tool provides you with the templates needed to communicate all of your appeals, campaigns, and events.


Giving Tuesday (Leaderboard)

Our support staff are experts at GivingTuesday. They have many years of experience planning and creating marketing strategies for nonprofits on one of the biggest giving days of the year. We can assist with all of your GivingTuesday needs and help you reach your goal!

How does it help you?

Appeals, campaigns, and other activities can often be demanding of your time and effort. SmartSupport is here to give you time and energy back in your day by allowing you to choose or customize one of our many templates already ready to use.


Why is our product different?

In addition to making all your tasks seamless, SmartSupport enables you to increase giving in as little as 12 weeks by saving the time of planning and creating communications. Our campaign experts have created templates with designs and content that are strategic, and inspirational, with your goals in mind.

How to get started?

After signing up with GiveCentral, our team will help you get started planning your communication needs and strategy.

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Client Feedback

  • Working with GiveCentral’s electronic fundraising platform was simple and successful! Our first-time, ever, onsite paddle raise was a huge hit. The evening closed with much energy and we surpassed our goal. We are grateful to our partner, GiveCentral for the platform and guidance.

    Judi Golemba

    Associate Vice President, Relationships and Advancement
    University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary

  • We signed up with GiveCentral last year and I am very happy we did so. Online donations are so easy and I have mentioned your service on numerous occasions to friends. It definitely is the way to go.


    Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Chicago, IL

  • With GiveCentral’s help, we increased our electronic giving from 12% to over 35% in 2018! One of the customer service representatives personally helped our School’s Centennial Celebration team set up online registration and corporate sponsorships which raised more than $55,000 in one evening! We look forward to our relationship continuing to grow with the GiveCentral!

    Moira Carey

    St. Nortbert Parish, Chicago, IL

  • Since launching Give Central at our parish, we have seen an increase in the number of online payment transactions and offertory donations. Our parishioners and staff enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of utilizing the Give Central pay portal. The team at Give Central was extremely helpful in the success of our launch and the continued support in our day-to-day operations.

    Rebecca Harper

    St. Francis de Sales Church,Abingdon, MD

  • As the Faith Formation Administrative Assistant, I handle the registrations for Faith Formation, VBC, and some Sacraments. In the past, the payment was handled separately from the registration. Now GiveCentral has connected the registration and payment process, thus reducing my work load as I do not have to follow with an email with a payment link to those who have registered. We are also anticipating an elimination of the number of non-payments since payment is made at the time of registration.

    Maureen Yantz

    Saint Margaret Parish, Baltimore, MD

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