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Easy, interactive video streaming for churches, parishes, and nonprofits

Make your virtual church livestreaming the new reality

Seamlessly livestream your masses, events to a large number of audiences with our powerful, simplified livestreaming tool.

Start streaming - it’s quick and easy

Step-by-step guide on how you can put GiveCentral LIVE to work for you.

Create Livestream Event

Easily set up your catholic mass livestream event and broadcast to audience, no matter the scale.


Let your audience know. Copy the stream link or simply share them on social media with our easy-to-share social media options.


You are ready to go! We make it easy to stream your Mass, Sunday events, prayers, and everything in between.


Once the livestream ends, you have the option to save the video. This allows video to be watched even after livestream ends, anytime, anywhere.

Features to support your streaming needs

Broadcast live with our robust and flawless set of features.

Donation Button

Option to embed a prominent donation button; allows donors to give with just a click.

Text-to-Give Number and Giving Links

Feature that allows you to display Text-to-Give number and links to online giving page with event details pinned.

Social Sharing Options

Spread the word! Quickly and easily share livestream link through social media sharing option.

High Video Quality

Video quality is what matters most while live streaming. We ensure you broadcast with the best video quality available.

Live Chat

To ensure communication happens both ways and the streaming is interactive, we have enabled live chat feature.

Facebook Streaming

An integrated tool with Facebook, so that you can broadcast your church livestreaming on Facebook simultaneously in a hassle-free manner.

Video Scheduling

Schedule catholic mass livestream for a particular date and time; auto-emails will be sent to your audience with all the relevant details.

Email Reminders for LiveStream

Automatically sends email reminders at a set time prior to the start of the livestream event.

YouTube Streaming

Promoting an event on YouTube can help you attract a larger audience. You can feature your livestream during the event on your channel for new visitors. Subscribers will see the livestream appear in the What to Watch Next area.

Everything you need for church livestreaming

Built with the power to reach your audience with minimum prerequisites and knowledge


A video and audio source is required - any form of camera such as camcorder, webcam and audio capturing device such as USB microphone can be used.


Use an encoder to convert your streaming content into a digital format that can be used for livestreaming.


Internet is the essence of live streaming. An internet connection is a must, preferably a fast broadband connection. It improves the quality of livestream.

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