St. Ann Angel Program

Make a Contribution


The Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools has notified us that if we do not aggressively bring down our sizeable deficit with some new sources of revenue, the future of St. Ann School is in imminent jeopardy. For the Angel Program, we are seeking donors to participate at any level they find comfortable.  But if we can sign up at least 50 initial donors who will agree to pledge and contribute $1,000, we will be able to very quickly boost our cash reserves and demonstrate to the Archdiocese that St. Ann is not only vibrant in spirituality, but also in fundraising prowess.  And what a great way to celebrate 70 years of Catholic education in Lansing at St. Ann School! 

Our greatest treasure is the relationships we have built here at St. Ann Parish and School.  We are a family, with roots that run very deep.  Please take a moment to pray for us and consider how you may join us in our efforts to keep our family--parish and school--strong and vital for the future.  Thank you!

The St. Ann School Board