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In this season of HOPE, please consider a gift to the the St. Joseph Catholic Academy Annual Fund.




My first weeks here at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy have been a time of learning and appreciating.  I can already say is that this is a community of faith, zeal, and commitment.  The Holy Spirit has afforded me a unique chance to be here for the celebration of Thanksgiving, and then to be with you as we begin Advent.  With the traits all of you bring forth, together with the key aspects of Advent (Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace) this is a profound time for the great things of SJCA to shine ever more brightly.


Now is your chance to make Hope shine – Hope for the students and families of SJCA.

We can make Love shine – Love for the Catholic mission of education at SJCA.

Joy needs to shine – our Joy at what SJCA has done for us, and our families.

And Peace will shine – Christ’s Peace shines through those supporting the works of the Church.


For this year’s SJCA Annual Fund Appeal, I pray that you will consider helping the Academy’s light shine more brightly than ever.  Especially in Advent, your gift makes Hope shine, Love grow, Joy abound, and Peace spread. 


I pray that your faith, zeal, and commitment to the Lancer tradition will make generosity be the star which shines brightest in the winter sky above St. Joseph Catholic Academy.  Thank you for all that you are willing to give to make that light brighter.


Advent blessings to all in the SJCA family. 


Very Reverend Paul B. R. Hartmann

Interim President

St. Joseph Catholic Academy


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