St Margaret Mary Church

St Margaret Mary Church

Year of Blessings Calendar Raffle

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To take part in the Year of Blessings Raffle, the purchase of a ticket for $50 each is the first step. Every ticket purchased comes with a calendar that has the schedule of prize amounts for every day of the year in 2018 ($12,500 in total). Every purchased ticket is a guaranteed inclusion in ALL of the 365 drawings for every day of 2018 starting with January 1st. Every time a winning ticket is pulled, the winner’s information is recorded so that the name will appear in the bulletin as well as contacted using whatever phone or e-mail information is provided on the ticket. Then, once a winner’s information is recorded the same ticket is IMMEDIATELY put back into the pool for another chance to win. Every ticket literally has 365 chances of winning throughout the entire year of 2018.


  • St. Margaret Mary Parish
    2324 W Chase