SJB Teacher's Support Fund

SJB Teacher's Support Fund

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To acknowledge the tremendous work and sacrifice our teachers make everyday, we want to show our gratitude through the SJB Teacher's Support Fund.

As parents of children at this school, we want to acknowledge the tremendous work and sacrifice our teachers make every day, especially during a global pandemic; including extra cleaning on a daily basis and tireless creativity in planning safe ways for our children to learn and interact with one another.  And so, we have launched the SJB Teachers’ Support Fund.


Here’s a bit more information on what this fund is all about:


- This will be an annual fund that is parent / community fueled with the purpose of supporting our teachers’ professional and personal enrichment. 

-  During the ’20-’21 school year, we will earmark funds to support teachers/staff that may contract Covid-19 and require additional days off of school and so, these individual(s) can receive financial support of up to ONE full week of pay.

- If our teachers/staff don't require this extra support for recovery time, then a distribution of the fund will be made at the end of the year to continue to support/promote teacher enrichment. 

- As we look beyond the pandemic, we want to continue to build upon this fund as an opportunity to incent / support teachers’ professional and personal enrichment, which is so critical in retaining and attracting the best teachers in the Archdiocese. 

- The goal we've set as a school community is $20,000.

- This is completely voluntary for our school families and the SJB community, but any support is appreciated!  



We appreciate any support at this time, as we continue to ban together and invest in our teachers!


Please reach out with any questions at all!  And thank you,


Susan Ciapciak (Ned – 4th, Will – 2nd , Nora – K and Charlie – Wise Owls)

Maria Ferraro (Anthony – 3rd and Luca – K) 

Loren Reinhardt (Halston and Dylan – Wise Owls)
Lori Turner (Ava – 5th, Peter – 3rd and Paul – K)


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