St Paul Of The Cross - Park Ridge

2017 Lenten Almsgiving

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This Lent our sacrifice will go to St. John Paul ll Catholic Mission, in Rutledge,TN. The parishioners there have grown out of their current space and are hoping to build a larger, more permanent multi-purpose facility where they can celebrate Mass and have meals.

The Knoxville, TN Diocese Foundation purchased 9.4 acres for the Missioners to begin to build their first structure, with room to grow over time. They have managed to save $52,000. Our alms will help them to determine what type of structure they can build. The excavation will be done at cost. Parishioners and community members will build it themselves.
they hope to build.

Fr. Steve is humbled by our interest and support for the growing ministry there. The hope is that our alms and prayers are generous. What a privilege forus to be a part of this exciting time for the St. John Paul ll Catholic Mission.