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Divorce Support Ministry

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Divorce Support Ministry

St. Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge


Beginning September 12, 2019  •  6:30 p.m.

This series is meant to help those dealing or surviving divorce to face and cope with some of the most difficult aspects involved. Some of the topics covered include denial, rejection, grief, guilt, shame, anger, loneliness and forgiveness. The goal of this program is to help bring healing from the divorce, move on, and grow closer to God.  Registration and a small fee are required.  

We will be meeting in the library for 13 consecutive weeks on Thursday.   The meetings are located in the Parish Life Center. If you have been involved previously, please bring your “Divorce and Beyond “ book and encourage those that are going through divorce, or who are already divorced, to join us. Through our church community and the Lord may He guide us through this healing process together. Registration and a small fee are required.




For more information and to register visit or contact: Karen Benson / (915) 204-4426/