St Agatha Chicago

St. Agatha's 125th Anniversary and Fundraiser

Select Item Frequency First Payment Date Final Payment Date Amount
1K MAN MARCH Front Inside Cover = $250
Macnamara Donations
Restorative Justice - Youth, Parents & Family Empowerment
1K MAN MARCH Booth Rental = $25
1K MAN MARCH Booth Registration = $50
1K MAN MARCH Donations
1K MAN MARCH Full Page = $125
1K MAN MARCH 1/2 Page = $75
1K MAN MARCH 1/4 Page = $50
1K MAN MARCH Back Outside Cover = $350
1K MAN MARCH Back Inside Cover = $250
Racial Equality Fund
The Winslow Redmond Community Technology Center
Easter Offering
Select Item Pledge Amount Frequency First Payment Date Installment Amount
To Teach Who Christ Is