St Joseph Church - Libertyville

Women's Guild

Select Item Frequency First Payment Date Final Payment Date Amount
Sunday Collection
Capital Improvement
Social Justice
St. Joseph Food Pantry
Guardian Angel Fund
Friday Soup Kitchen
Flower Donation
Orphans of Moshi
School 2018-19 Tuition/Registration
School Donations
Easter Collection
Religious Education Donation
Sunday Collection
Christmas Collection
Church in Latin America (January)
Aid for Central/Eastern Europe (March)
Holy Land (April)
Catholic Charities (May)
Peters Pence (June)
Retired Priests Collection (June)
Summer Mission Appeal
Seminaries (September)
Propagation of the Faith (October)
Catholic Campaign for Human Development (November)
Religious Retired (December)
Priests' Residence
Peru Jesuit Project
Mil Park Rent
Select Item Pledge Amount Frequency First Payment Date Installment Amount
SJCS Knight Fund 2018-19
To Teach Who Christ Is
Select Item Price Per Item Minimum/Maximum Limit Quantity Total
Backyard Social 2019-Team Fee $110.00 1/27
Backyard Social 2019-Entry Fee $40.00 1/100
Backyard Social 2019-Entry Fee Designated Driver $20.00 1/100
Backyard Social 2019-Raffle Ticket $5.00 1/100
Backyard Social 2019-Dress Down Pass $10.00 1/1000
Women's Guild Spring Fashion Show-Early Bird-Chicken Entrée $40.00 1/100
Women's Guild Spring Fashion Show-Early Bird-Fish Entrée $40.00 1/100
Women's Guild Spring Fashion Show-Early Bird-Vegetarian Entrée $40.00 1/100
Men's Ministry 2019 Summer (1 Day ) Retreat in Spring at USML $50.00 1/80
VBS 2019 One Child $40.00 1/1
VBS 2019 Two Children $80.00 1/1
VBS 2019 Three Children $90.00 1/1
VBS 2019 Each Child After 3 $10.00 1/150
VBS 2019 Volunteer Buy-Out $100.00 1/1
Men: CRHP Retreat Registration $65.00 1/1
Women: CRHP Retreat Registration $65.00 1/1