Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabriel Parish

Rev. James F. Hurlbert, Pastor

Energy Needs

Make a Contribution


I am appealing to you at this time to help our Parish cover what we owe for the heating bills of the past two years. Like many of you, our Parish has been on a fixed budget plan but in the spring the energy company issues a true-up bill to cover our payment shortfall. For the winter of 2013-2014 the true-up charge to Nativity of Our Lord Parish was $25,652.33, this is over and above the fixed budget amount they originally assigned us. Please consider donating along with your regular Sunday collections in June or July. This means will be used for the purpose of paying off what we owe on our gas bill. I ask you to give whatever you can to help our Parish in this need and your generosity will be a great help in helping us move past this current crisis. In Gratitude, Rev. Bill McFarlane