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St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

School Roof Repair

School Roof Repair

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Dear Families of Saint Margaret Mary,

As many of you are aware, the school roof became compromised earlier this year. We are unable to use this section of the building. We need to replace the whole section of the roof, and of course, this is a costly repair that is not in the school or parish budget. We all use this building: our Saint Margaret Mary School students use it daily, our Polish School on Fridays, and our Gather Program families as a part of the Religious Education of our parish. We can all agree that this building is well used by our community and needed this repair.

Brothers and sisters, we need approximately $60,000 - $70,000 to repair the roof. I am asking you for help. Please, if you can consider some donations towards our needs, with your help we will solve this huge problem. If each family in our community who uses the building gives only $230, we would be able to accomplish that task. Every dollar will help us reach our goal. If you can’t give $230, we encourage you to give what your family can. We know that some families are in a financial situation where they can donate more. If we surpass our goal, the money collected will be used to make additional repairs to the school building.

Every donation matters, and we will be grateful for this. It will help us solve the problem, and we will not need to take a loan, which is always a significant problem.

Please help us now, and help our parish, which is the great family we build together.

Fr. Witold Adamczyk OFMConv.                              Brenna O'Hearn

Parochial Administrator                                             School Principal