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Summer Camp
Sunday Collections
Kateri Center (Native American Ministry)
Alumni Appeal - HS
Grandparent Appeal Donation
Music Program Sponsor Donation
Annual Catholic Appeal
Drama Club (Support the Arts!)
HS Athletics
Easter Flower Donation
Christmas Flower Donation
Wedding Stipend
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Sr. Natalie Gerlach, SSSF
Educational Endowment Fund
Build Our Future
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Mr. Ford
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Mr. Heffernan
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Mr. McTigue
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Ms. Molenda
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Ms. Kittler
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Fr. Kruger
Endowment Scholarship - Honoring Mr. Stark
Catholic Charities
Collection for Retired Priests
Peter's Pence
Cub Scouts
Propagation of Faith
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Retirement Fund for Religious
Missionary Co-op
Holy Land
High School Scholarship Fund
Elementary School Scholarship Fund
Holy Day Collection
Sharing Parish
Aid for Eastern Europe
Operation Rice Bowl
Benfest Vendor
Archived Yearbook Purchase
BenFest Business Sponsorship
Advancement Office Misc.
Rel. Ed. Confirmation Fee
Rel. Ed. Reconcilication & 1st Eucharist Fee
Rel. Ed. Fee & Tuition Three Children
Rel. Ed. Fee & Tuition Two Children
Rel. Ed. Fees & Tuition One Child
Rel. Ed. Book Fee
Rel. Ed. Registration
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Forward in Our Faith (Capital Campaign)
Select Item Price Per Item Minimum/Maximum Limit Quantity Total
Benfest Donation - Commemorative Travel Mug $100.00 1/10000000
Benfest - 3 Day Entry Pass $15.00 1/100000
Benfest Patron $50.00 1/1
BenFest Courtyard Friend - Parishioner Pack $250.00 1/1
Totus Tuus (Jr. High/High School Program) $20.00 1/5
Totus Tuus (Grade School) $60.00 1/5
BenFest Beer Tasting $25.00 1/5
BenFest Buddies $10.00 1/4
BenFest - Kids Activity and Entry Wristband $30.00 1/10
BenFest Stage Friend $500.00 1/1
BenFest Courtyard Friend - Family Pack $250.00 1/1
BenFest Gate Friend $100.00 1/1