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Gym Masonry Repair

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St. Irenaeus Parish thanks you for donating to the Gymnasium Masonry Repair project. 

As was mentioned at masses a couple weekends ago, the walls of the gym roof are deteriorating and in need of repair.

This is the work that needs to be done before we can complete the total roof replacement that was begun several days ago:

  • Part of the interior parapet wall along the west and south portions of the building need to be repaired and replaced;

  • A section along the east interior parapet wall needs to be rebuilt; part of the exterior wall on the east side of the building needs to be ground, tuck-pointed and sealed;

  • And the limestone caps on the east, north and part of the west wall of the building need to be removed and thru-wall flashing needs to be installed then the limestone caps will be reinstalled.

The cost of this part of the project is $22,345.00 which includes a ten percent contingency fund.

The Religious Education building is used for parish sponsored ministries and outreach programs, along with many community events and organizations. They include PADS, St. Irenaeus/Catholic Charities Food Pantry, Open Access Free Clothing Closet, Annual Parish Spaghetti Dinner, Biennial Parish Rummage Sale, Knights of Columbus Fish Fry, Village Scout Troop, Park Forest Boys Baseball and other community events as requested.

The finance board met and discussed many funding options, one of which was to ask 235 parishioners to donate $95.00 in one lump sum or over a period of 3 months. Some will be able to donate more, some less. Several years ago when we did a similar appeal for the AC replacement the donations ranged from $2.00-$1,000.00. And all of us were able to pray for the success of the appeal. Whatever you might be able to do, please continue to pray for the parish and all its ministries.

See the chart below for example donations.


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