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By planning trips with their students, teachers at De La Salle Blackfeet School provide opportunities for students to see a world that exists outside of their hometown.  These trips help students see broader realities, build community, and explore what opportunities their futures hold.  Teachers and students work together to raise all money necessary for travel expenses including lodging, transportation and meals.  Currently, two trips are being planned and we hope you will consider donating to help make these experiences a reality for our students. Each spring the 7th grade class takes a year-end trip to Yellowstone National Park emphasizing outdoor activities and exploration of Yellowstone wildlife and geology. This trip provides a unique opportunity for students to travel away from the Blackfeet Reservation for academic work.  During the four-day trip, students engage in activities such as exploring caves, investigating hot springs and geysers, tracking animals, watching wildlife, and much more. Students interact with rangers, museum personnel, their classmates and their teachers throughout the trip. The trip emphasizes hands-on science and social studies activities. It also provides time for the class to bond as they begin to prepare for their last year at De La Salle Blackfeet School. The 8th grade class travels each year to experience life in a city and visit several college campuses.  This annual retreat is an opportunity for De La Salle Blackfeet students to become aware of a world beyond the reservation and partake in exciting cultural experiences.  In Chicago this year we hope to visit a museum, visit Lewis University and the University of Notre Dame, attend a White Sox game, and partner with San Miguel Chicago 8th graders for a service opportunity.  


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