St. John Westminster

St. John Westminster

Ticket Bundle - Cowpie Bingo

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$12 for three chances to win! After expenses, grand prize is a 50/50 split up to $1,000. 2nd prize, contingent on first prize being paid out, is 50/50 up to $1,000. Permit # 282.

Rules for Cow Pie Bingo:

  • Cow will be turned loose into a fenced in bingo board at 10 am and be allowed to roam until a deposit is made. The first square the cow deposits on will be declared the winner. If the cow has not made a deposit by 1:30 pm, the square the cow's right front leg is on will be delcared the winner.
  • Tickets purchased will be randomly assigned numbers using a computer program. Ticket holders will receive their number or numbers (depending on the number of tickets purcahsed) after ticket sales close on Friday, October 8th at noon.
  • Ticket holders do not need to be present in order to win.
  • Any unsold squares will become the Church's property after ticket sales close at Friday, October 8th at noon.
  • The square with the biggest deposit will win 1st prize.
  • In the event that enough funds are raised, a second prize will be determined based on the square with the second largest deposit on it or which square has the cow's right front leg on it.
  • In the event the cow deposits on a line, a judge will determine who the winner is based on which square has the largest deposit. If the results are inconclusive, the prize money shall be split among the squares in question.
  • No ticket holders are allowed in the fenced in area with the cow. You are allowed to be near the edges of the fence to see if you can encourage the cow to move towards your space.


  • 43 Monroe St