St. Bartholomew - Queens

A Communion of Cultures - A Communion of Saints. Elmhurst, New York


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Due to COVID, we never celebrated Father Gildea becoming a Monsignor.  Also, we weren’t able to celebrate his 80th birthday this past June.  We have established an educational scholarship fund in Msgr Gildea’s honor!  This scholarship will assist any REGISTERED PRACTICING Catholic family from St Barts parish who would like to transfer their child from public school to St Bartholomew Catholic Academy.  It is our hope that each year we can distribute up to $20,000 in scholarships to our parish children who need it. Those donating $250 and above will be invited to a cocktail reception at St Bart’s Academy in October!  Catholic education helps change the future of a child!  Would you like to contribute to this fund in Msgr Gildea’s honor? 

I want to assist a child from this parish to attend ST BARTHOLOMEW CATHOLIC ACADEMY in September!

$250 • $500 • $1000 • $2500 (half tuition for one child) • $4500 (full tuition for one child)