Make Giving Easy & Raise More Money, with Text-to-Give

With this mobile centric fundraising feature make giving as simple as sending a text.

Mobile Giving : The Basics

The capability to collect donations on the go allowing your donors to give whenever and however they want to could go a long way in making your fundraising a success.

What is Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving would entail fundraising campaign in which donors could simply use their smartphones to make a contribution to any particular nonprofit organization.

How it Works

There are various ways through which nonprofits encourage mobile giving. Donors could be allowed to give using a mobile website, a mobile application or simply by texting.

How to Market it

Many of your donors might have never used these services. A tutorial on how to donate through mobile giving is essential to make them feel comfortable while utilizing it.

Types of Mobile Giving

Giving through a mobile website, a mobile application, Text-to-Give/Text-to-Donate and Text-to-Connect are a few types of mobile giving.


Using Text-to-Give, a nonprofit could direct the donors to their fundraising page. GiveCentral sets up an unique texting number for each nonprofit which signs up for its services. The donors of a particular nonprofit organization need to text their information to the nonprofit’s unique texting number.

Then they automatically receive a thank you text with a link that send them to the nonprofit’s customized, mobile friendly donation page. The transaction is simple, fast and can be done from any smartphone.


Any nonprofit which would like to use Text-to-Connect is given an own unique texting number. Then, all the nonprofit has to do is to ask the donors to share their name and email ids in a quick text.

All this donor information along with their cell number would be automatically saved to the nonprofit’s communication portal, making future communication with them quite easy.

Features : You and Your Donors will Love.

Your Donors will find easy to give and you will find it easier to collect donor information. A win-win situation for all. Makes fundraising much more efficient.

Why Mobile Giving is a Trend That's Here to Stay

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