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Introducing GiveCentral Sync for Salesforce ™

We are thrilled to announce the launch of GiveCentral Salesforce ™ Sync for nonprofits that use Salesforce ™ for their donor management needs. Our goal is to help you leverage the power of two robust tools for data management and fundraising.

GiveCentral Salesforce ™ SyncA Powerful Integration

We work with you to establish a two-way data sync between GiveCentral and Salesforce ™. With the ability to send payments directly from your GiveCentral to Salesforce ™ account using an API, nonprofits can have total control and visibility over the payment process. This is an ideal product for organizations already using Salesforce ™ for their donor management and are looking for a robust, integrated donation tool.

The real-time data sync will include

What new functionality will be available to you with GiveCentral Salesforce ™ Sync?

Easily manage donations, recurring and one-time, pledge setup, gift changes, delinquent pledges, and failed transactions

Automated updating of expired credit cards Personalize detail information for donor credit card and bank statements


Donor access to their account for payment method, giving changes, and history


Easily create custom giving pages. Allow for customized responses to all giving activity


Easily set up and manage crowdfunding events


Easily set up and manage giving via mobile and text

Our Implementation Process

Your nonprofit project is unique. Therefore we put in place an agile and flexible approach to deliver customized solutions.


We help you step back and look at your data with a broader vision. The goal is to make Salesforce ™ integration scalable. We review your ongoing campaigns for optimization.


We establish a two-way data synchronisation between GiveCentral and Salesforce ™ in real time, across multiple devices.

Custom Development

Thanks to GiveCentral's flexibility, we implement solutions that meet complex needs.

Data Migration

We import your data to Salesforce ™. We participate in the entire migration process, import and testing.

Training & Support

Our customized training sessions are designed to increase your skills quickly and help your team manage change.

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