Redefine Text-to-give Functionality for an Effortless Giving Experience

Keyword-based smart solutions to boost the existing text-to-give features by leaps and bounds. GiveCentral keyword-based functionality dramatically improves donor data collection and helps build new donor network.

Keywords for Rapid & Responsive Fundraising

Do away with the complexity of text and embrace the potential of a single keyword.

GiveCentral understands donor management software should scale with new fundraising needs. For that reason, we built System and Custom text-to-give keywords. Our keyword-based functionality accelerates and radically simplifies donor data collection - leading to short turnaround time.


Drive value and results by putting our system keywords into use. Our predefined keywords are built to add immediate value to your cause on occasions when time is more important than ever.


GiveCentral’s custom keyword functionality empowers nonprofits and charities to create relevant keywords that bring true value to their various initiatives.

System Keywords

Secure, reliable and versatile keywords with a keen focus on simplifying administrative tasks under time-constrained scenario.


Build a Donor Data Powerhouse With UPDATE!

When a prospect or existing donor texts UPDATE to your organization’s text donation number, they are redirected to a long-form link to register or update their information, respectively. GiveCentral’s texting keyword UPDATE helps nonprofits:-

  • Maximize the collection of all the donor data that matters - age, location, interest, household information - and update missing donor information field.
  • Accelerate your donor data processing rate through automated data collection mechanism.
  • Uncover valuable insights and build a real, lasting relationship with donors.
  • Transform the way data is maintained; algorithm-driven data input so that nonprofits do not have to remember login credentials.


Create real, lasting donor relationships with QUICK!

GiveCentral’s keyword-based functionality “QUICK” allows you to acquire new donors, easily. The keyword enables prospective donors to register at events and churches via a unique 10-digit giving number - leading to on-the-spot registration. GiveCentral’s texting keyword QUICK helps nonprofits:-

  • Acquire and built new donor networks during busy periods -Christmas, Year-end, Lent or Easter - in a matter of minutes versus days.
  • Consolidate donor data automatically thus eliminating the downside of manual data entry.
  • Accommodate rapid growth by allowing nonprofits to collect the least required donor information just enough to process a donation.


Raise more with system keyword EASTER!

To encourage mobile giving and text-to-give among donors, during occasions such as Easter, requires nimble and secure techniques. GiveCentral’s system keyword “EASTER” enables donors to make a gift via mobile. GiveCentral’s texting keyword EASTER helps nonprofits and charities:-

  • To get the most out of Easter events and celebrations thus bringing agility to text-to-give and mobile giving campaigns.
  • Maximize and grow donor network base by enrolling new donors on the premise such as people visiting churches.
  • Eliminate manual processing to construct a structured data pipeline and put your data to derive meaningful insights.

Custom Keywords

Aimed at helping nonprofits and charities generate keywords of their choice.


Generate keywords of your choice with CUSTOM keywords!

As nonprofits and charities drive a plethora of campaigns and events to bring significant social impact, many find system keywords does not meet their needs. Keywords generated through GiveCentral’s custom keyword-functionality are:-

  • Customizable, flexible, and scalable that seamlessly goes hand-in-hand with the fundraising requirements.
  • Highly efficient to meet the particular fundraising goals.
  • Easy to create.