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Our texting tools allow donors to make donations quickly and easily, straight from their mobile devices. Text-to-Connect offers donors the option to input their information directly into your database. Text-to-Engage allows donors to make a donation directly from their mobile devices, any time, anywhere.

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What is GiveCentral Text-to-Engage & Text-to-Connect?

These mobile giving options allow for quick and easy donations and instantaneous communication with your donors. GiveCentral sets you up with your own unique texting numbers for Text-to-Connect, and donors can text you their primary information, like name and email. Text-to-Engage, an advance version of your regular text-to-give functionality, allows donors to make a donation directly from their mobile devices, and also update donor data while you fundraise- a feature that is unique to GiveCentral’s mobile giving.

What Sets GiveCentral Text-to-Engage and Text-to-Connect Apart?


Giving should not be complicated. Our texting tools make it simple for donors to give without looking up from their phones.

Personalized Communication

When donors update their information straight from their mobile device, you receive it immediately and can thank them promptly.

Increased Donations

When giving is convenient, your donations increase -- simple as that. We want you to grow your community and your donations.

Features & Benefits

Easily Receive Updated Donor Information

With Text-to-Connect, new donors can text you their basic information for your records (like name and email) which, along with their phone number, will be immediately stored in your database.

Reminders & Messages

Auto reminders can be sent to your donors who have subscribed for recurring donations and may have missed a payment. Reminders can also be sent when a donor’s credit card is set to expire.

Mobile Donations

Using Text-to-Engage, you can direct your donors to your unique fundraising pages. Donors text their information to your number and will automatically receive a thank you text with a link to your customized, mobile-friendly donation page, making it easy for them to give right from their phones!

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