2023-2024 Tuition & Book Fee

2023-2024 Tuition & Book Fee

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Religious Education Tuition & Fees: Preschool through 8th grade for children from the same family.  Please read these instructions in their entirety before proceeding.

The “Gift Basket” acts just like a shopping cart.  To fill it select the tuition and fees you want to pay by clicking on the appropriate option above and entering the dollar amount you want to pay per the fee schedule below.  Then “Add to my Gift Basket”.  If you have a child(ren) receiving a sacrament you will need to add that fee by clicking the “Add more item” option and selecting the appropriate sacrament from the options provided.  Be sure to “Add to my Gift Basket”.   When finished adding your fees you can select “Checkout” where you will see a summary of the items in your Gift Basket.  To make payment select “Continue” and either log in with your existing Give Central user account or create a new user account.    


1 Child: Tuition($120) & Book Fee($15) = $135 Total
Pay In Full = $135.00
2 Installments = $67.50 each  (09/11/23 & 01/08/24)
4 Installments = $33.75 each  (09/11/23, 11/13/23, 01/08/24, 03/12/24)
2 Children: Tuition($160) & Book Fee($30) = $190 Total
Pay in Full = $190.00
2 Installments = $95.00 each   (09/11/23 & 01/08/24)
4 Installments = $47.50 each   (09/11/23, 11/13/23, 01/08/24, 03/12/24)
3 Children: Tuition($190) & Book Fee($45) = $235 Total
Pay in Full = $235.00
2 Installments = $117.50 each   (09/11/23 & 01/08/24)
4 Installments = $  58.75 each  (09/11/23, 11/13/23, 01/08/24, 03/12/24)
Sacramental Fees
Reconciliation & First Holy Communion = $40.00    Due 01/29/24
Confirmation = $40.00   Due 02/26/24
Payments in full will be processed on the date you enter.  For installment plans the first installment will be processed on the date you enter and subsequent installments will be processed by the St. Joseph Business Office automatically on the dates listed above until your balance is paid in full.     
For example, a family of 2 children with an 8th grader making their Confirmation in Spring 2024 and wanting to pay their fees in 4 installments would submit their payment as follows:
2023-2024 Tuition & Book Fee:
Amount = $47.50
First Payment Date = 09/11/23 (you can select current date or any other date, preferably no later than 09/18/23)
Frequency = One-Time
Sacrament Fee-Confirmation:
Amount = $40.00
First Payment Date = 09/11/23 (if you want to pay the fee with your first tuition installment select the same date or if you want to defer until later enter another date but one no later than the due date of 02/26/24)
Frequency = One-Time
Per the example above a total payment of $87.50 will be processed on 09/11/23.  The remaining balance due for 2023-2024 is $142.50 and payments of $47.50 each will be automatically processed by the St. John Neumann Business Office on 11/13/23, 01/08/24 and 03/12/24.