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Ss Faith Hope & Charity - Winnetka

School Giving-Bulldog Fund

School Giving-Bulldog Fund

Annual School Appeal


While so much has changed since our schools inception more than 80 years ago, and especially during the last couple years, the goal of providing an educational environment where students grow in heart, mind and soul remains at the core.  

As most are aware, fundraising is a critical component in the operation of our school as tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of a Faith Hope education.  The cost to educate a student is underwritten by three primary sources:  1) a generous Parish Subsidy, 2) Tuition and Fees, and 3) fundraising through the Bulldog Fund.  The current gap between a Faith Hope education’s true cost and the amount that tuition covers is ~$2,000 per student.   The Bulldog Fund (formerly known as Anchors with Heart Fund) helps cover the operating expenses and provide tuition assistance to those families who need it.

The success of the Bulldog Fund is critical to the operations of our school. Investments of all sizes are meaningful and appreciated.


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