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Church Air Conditioning Replacement project

Church Air Conditioning Replacement project

Thank you for your generosity!


From Father's Daily Reflections of Thursday 4/18/24


Dear Parishioner,

I have shared with you in the past that our air conditioning system in our church needs to be replaced. After months of researching different options and different HVAC companies, a decision was made to hire Air Comfort as our contractor. I am grateful to our very engaged Facilities Committee (Tom Rajkovich, John and Rosemary Swierk, Bill Kanzer and Donna Borman) for their many hours of work to move this project forward. The cost of the new system will be $882, 433. The Archdiocese requires a 10 % contingency, so the budget will be $970,676. Please note that four contractors, all of whom were recommended to us, bid on this project. The numbers were not finalized until after the 1st of the year, so raising funds has not been something that I have focused on. I have been approached by a small number of parishioners who have either sent a check earmarked for this or encouraged us to apply for grants from family foundations. The Archdiocese is planning a Capital Campaign for all parishes in the coming two-three years and have asked parishes not to begin campaigns on their own. We will respect this request and not begin a formal campaign. However, I would be very grateful for any donations that help to defray the costs of this necessary project. In the short term we will fund this project from parish resources at the Archdiocesan Bank, but I hope that we can replenish those savings. Work began yesterday and the new system is scheduled to be functional by the end of May.

Fr. Marty O’Donovan


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