St Vitus Parish

The Extraordinary Form parish of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Los Angeles

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St Vitus Parish and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter of Los Angeles need to repay the debt from the purchase of our church as soon as possible. Then we need to start saving for a larger church that can seat the many people who come each Sunday! Oftentimes our little church is so full that people are kneeling outside. Sometimes we have double the capacity of the church in attendance! While we already have four Masses on a Sunday, we need to start saving toward either building or purchasing a larger church where everyone who want the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and everything the FSSP has to offer, can feel welcomed and find their home. But first, we need to pay off the $400,000 remaining debt from the purchase of our current church!

Please consider making a pledge! A pledge is helpful both for you and for us. For us, it helps us show the total pledged so that the Archdiocese can see that we can repay the loan. For you it helps because you can make affordable payments, that over a period of time will become a total that you may not be in a position to give all at once. 

To make a pledge, the "Pedge Amount" is the total sum that you would like to pledge. The "Installment Amount" is how much you would like to pay each time, until the total of the pledge amount has been reached. Then the frequency will be how often your card or bank account will be deducted the installment amount. Then click through to the basket to complete the transaction.

May God reward your generosity!