Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

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Organizer : Stephanie Baliga
on May 30, 2018

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Just look at that picture!  The pain!  The misery!  The -- you get the idea.  Running marathons is hard work and has its share of ups and downs.  That's why this year I'm running the Chicago Half Marathon on September 23rd in support of the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels.  The photo above is from the 2016 Chicago Marathon.  I opted to pare it back to "just" a half marathon this year (13.1 miles) after sustaining injury from the full marathon.  That is still a challenging distance to run and should involve just under 2 hours of running.

The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels is a religious community focused on serving the poor in Chicago’s West side.  The Mission serves 700+ families a month with food and other basic material needs, assists 900+ at risk kids in after-school programs, serves bi-weekly community meals and, most importantly, brings the Hope of Christ to a neighborhood plagued by gangs, violence and poverty.  You can learn more about the Mission at http://www.missionola.com 

If you would consider a donation in support my efforts and the Mission, it would be most appreciated.  I look forward to completing the Half Marathon in September!